Wednesday, 27 October 2021

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Question and Answer Session


1. How does the University handle needy cases since poverty is the cause of students indulging in sex as a business?

 Ans: The University handles needy cases on an individual basis. It provides basic commodities to needy students for example food to meet this need.

2. Does the University allow female scholars to talk to female students only in a session?

Ans: Yes, the management will support the female members of staff who want to mentor female students. There is need to talk to female students hence the need for a lady counsellor.

3. Who owns the data that was used in the survey?

Ans: The data belongs to the Ministry of Health. Once they have the data they take it to Embu Level 5 Hospital.

4. Is it okay to ask the househelp or shamba boy to go to the VCT and bring the results to you so as to take precautions?

Ans: No it is not. This is a form of stigma and it is against the law to use HIV status as a requirement for employment.

5.  Would you recommend a HIV+ person to take care of a baby?

Ans: Yes. However it is advised to have the person enrolled to a comprehensive care unit. The baby is still safe as long as there is no exchange of bodily fluids.

6. Do ARVs prevent the virus from being taken to the next generation?

Ans: Yes, because it is a way of suppressing the virus so that it is not transmitted from mother to child.

7. Is there a HIV vaccine and is it effective?

Ans: HIV vaccine is still under development by KAVI (Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative) and results so far are promising.

8. Should both sexual partners take prep?

Ans: PrEP is recommended for specific populations at risk. The negative partner takes PrEP to prevent infection.

9. Does prep work?

Ans: Studies so far show that indeed PrEP does work.